The dosser's dictionary

In the spirit of Ambrose Bierce's magnificent Devil's Dictionary, here I catalogue some of my own lexical inventions.


adj, to be marked with freckles but in the sense of an afflication; freckled, with strong negative overtones.

``genetics didn't come to the rescue of red-haired, befreckled outcasts'' -- redbrick.debate, 18 Sep. 2002.


noun, the process of undoing or remedying a state of being fucked up; fixing something this is or has been fucked up.

``[the world needs a] bullshit technical lingo defuckedupification service'' -- work email, 8 Oct. 2002.


noun, the time of year that would fall in late Decemeber were the current religious baggage of the occasion to vanish.

``a great time of year when you get few days off work to spend drunk out of your mind. No being nice to people, no pretending your family don't drive you to violence, no insipid hymns and carols'' --, 16 Oct. 2002.


noun, innards, guts.

``Not specifically [about OpenBSD], but the grubbins of the BSDs are similar.'' -- work email, 29 Jan. 2003.

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